Josh Ritter

July 25, 2019
'The first thing you’ll notice at a Josh Ritter show is his smile. It’s a grin of elation, a grin of communion, a grin of gratitude. It’s the grin of man doing precisely what he was put on this Earth to do, and doing it damn well. “Can he really be having that much fun?” I asked myself the first time I saw Josh perform at the Newport Folk Festival, and, as I later learned, the answer was a definitive yes.'


July 15, 2019
'What I’ve learned from Scott is that kind of pride in songwriting; being able to put yourself into it, the drive and ambition for yourself in music.' Fiskur's Ross Clark wanted to pay tribute to his friend Scott Hutchison and covered Frightened Rabbit's 'Good Arms vs Bad Arms', for the first time live in a random tile workshop in Amsterdam.

Marcus Hamblett

July 9, 2019
Marcus Hamblett is a man of many talents. Not only does he play guitar, bass, trumpet and keys, he also produces records and sometimes releases them. The chances you've seen him perform his solo instrumental pieces are a bit smaller, but I've got you covered with this intriguing session filmed at brewpub De Kromme Haring in Utrecht.

Carson McHone

June 28, 2019
The Austin-based songwriter Carson McHone visited us in Utrecht's finest record store Plato with her band to record two originals and a dangerously addictive Teddy Thompson cover.

Anaïs Mitchell

May 24, 2019
When Anaïs Mitchell recorded this session for The Influences in 2017, she toured as Josh Ritter's support. She recorded covers of Bob Dylan and Rachel Ries (Her Crooked Heart) and a song from her award winning musical Hadestown.

Man Of Moon

May 2, 2019
Ever since my friend plugged their song The Road, I’ve been listening to Scottish indie rock duo Man of Moon. During their European tour with Django Django, we recorded 'Sign' and Fleetwood Mac’s 'World Turning'.

Lilly Hiatt

April 22, 2019
When Lilly Hiatt’s third record Trinity Lane surfaced in 2017, something just seemed to click. Her songs and the records sound blend so seamlessly. ‘It was a pretty natural thing’, Hiatt remembers: ‘I had a group of people creating that record with me that I really trusted, so it wasn't very overthought. We just went for it.’ 

Jerry Leger

April 17, 2019
TakeRoot just announced its first names for 2019, featuring Brandi Carlile, Nikki Lane, Erin Rae, Caroline Spence and many others. In november 2018 I got to work with the lovely festival for the second year in a row and I filmed five sessions on one day. One of them was with our Canadian favourite Jerry Leger.

Emme Woods

March 28, 2019
In December 2018 we hosted our third live show at the always lovely The Glad Cafe in Glasgow. Five local acts performed a couple of covers and originals in front of my cameras and a live audience. Closing act of the night was Emme Woods, the soulful rock 'n roll band around charismatic lead singer Morgan Woods.

Buck Meek

February 27, 2019
American songwriter Buck Meek has very quickly become one of my favourite musicians - both his solo and Big Thief records are on the top of the rotation over here. Last year he came straight from the airport to Utrecht and recorded his song Fool Me, plus covers of Duff Thompson and Townes van Zandt.