Bart Hoevenaars

February 15, 2019
Bart Hoevenaars isn’t a stranger in the Dutch music indie scene. In the early zeroes he released two record with postpunk bank MONO and toured Europe multiple times. After, he became known as Sir Ian and recorded two records about despair, longing, wasting time and an almost impossible love.

Great Lake Swimmers

February 6, 2019
Some singers’ voices float past like the wind, others land in your mind and take over your world or become a part of you. Tony Dekker’s voice and songs became a soundtrack to parts of my life. It was really special to film them play 'The Talking Wind' and covers of Magnolia Electric Co. and PJ Harvey.

Liza Anne

January 23, 2019
'Every time I go into making a record, I’m trying to time capsule what it feels like to be alive. 'Fine But Dying' was a whole new thing for me. It felt like for the first time I could be very loud which I liked.’ Watch Liza Anne's solo session for The Influences, filmed in Utrecht.

Douglas Firs

December 5, 2018
Douglas Firs is a Belgian band that has been around creating great music for years now, but it was on their most recent record 'Hinges Of Luck' where they really struck gold. For The Influences, they recorded covers of Jim Croce and Johnny Cash as well as their own 45 Days.

Jon Allen

November 28, 2018
John Martyn has somehow never before been covered in The Influences sessions. Until now, because Jon Allen recorded an addictive version of 'May You Never' for us, as well as his new single 'Jonah’s Whale' and 'In Your Light' off his debut LP 'Dead Man’s Suit'.

The Influences is coming back to Glasgow

November 15, 2018
On Friday December 14th, I'm bringing this project to The Glad Cafe in Glasgow for the third time, with live performances by Fiskur, Michael Cassidy, Emme Woods, Lenzie Moss and Tommy Reilly.

The Deep Dark Woods

November 7, 2018
‘The first time I really listened to Bob Dylan changed my life.' The Canadian folk band The Deep Dark Woods produces some of the loveliest modern folk songs I've heard in some time. Frontman Ryan Boldt recorded two traditional songs and his own Drifting On A Summer's Night'.

Kim Janssen

October 31, 2018
A couple of weeks ago, Janssen and his band joined us at the Schenk Studio in Amsterdam to record two astounding cover versions of Vampire Weekend’s 'Ya Hey' and Bruce Springsteen’s 'Streets Of Philadelphia'. 'Ya Hey's chorus is so stunning, it made me want to sing it myself.'

Hannah Epperson

October 22, 2018
There aren’t many feelings better than discovering new music and getting fully emerged in its beauty. When it happens, nothing else matters. Hannah Epperson’s 'Slowdown' did that for me. So, obviously I was ecstatic when she recorded a session. Fair warning: these videos might tear you apart.

Gregory Ackerman

October 16, 2018
Los Angeles-based songwriter Gregory Ackerman covered Jack Johnson and Neil Young for The Influences. 'I'm inspired by anyone who is writing music that people can really connect to - music that matters, music that makes you feel something, music that makes you forget where you are.'