Gregory Ackerman

October 16, 2018
Los Angeles-based songwriter Gregory Ackerman covered Jack Johnson and Neil Young for The Influences. 'I'm inspired by anyone who is writing music that people can really connect to - music that matters, music that makes you feel something, music that makes you forget where you are.'

Demi Knight & Ryan Joseph Burns

October 10, 2018
When Ryan Joseph Burns came to Utrecht from Glasgow earlier this year, I set up a meeting with the Dutch country singer Demi Knight. After a quick rehearsal, they recorded this cover version of Hickory Wind by Grams Parsons and Bob Buchanan.

Awkward I

September 28, 2018
Awkward I is one of The Netherlands' finest songwriters around. He recorded this new session, including a mind-blowing cover of Judee Sill: 'What I particularly love about her compositions is that they combine the apparent simplicity of a folksong with the structural complexity and elegance of the music of, say, Bach.'

Judy Blank

September 5, 2018
'When I see The Wood Brothers play, I know: this is it. Seeing them makes it easier for me to not care about things. Fuck that shit, I’m doing what I want. You don’t like it? Well, that’s your problem buddy.' Judy Blank played Randy Newman, The Wood Brothers covers, and 'Mary Jane' in her session for The Influences.

Anna Burch

August 30, 2018
'Writing 'Quit The Curse' was so fun, cathartic, and also the most important thing I’ve done in my life.’ Anna Burch debuted on Polyvinyl Record Company with a catchy yet complex indie pop record. She recorded Carly Simon and Aislers Set covers and her own 'Belle Isle' in session for The Influences.

Jerry Leger

August 16, 2018
Jerry Leger’s records stand side by side to John Lennon’s in my living room. It’s only fitting because Lennon’s the first association I got from 'Coat On The Rack', the opener of the Canadian songwriter’s latest LP 'Nonsense And Heartache'. At Down By The River festival he covered Gene Clark and The Everly Brothers.

Nicole Atkins

August 3, 2018
Nicole Atkins' voice is a thing of wonders. So much power and soul. Words sung with so much feeling. But it’s too easy to focus on just that. Especially since she’s proven to be a gifted songwriter and such a powerful performer too.

Ryan Joseph Burns

July 26, 2018
Ryan Joseph Burns couldn't believe his eyes, when we entered the Soesterduinen, a stunning nature reserve just East of Utrecht. It's a surreal sight at first. As you'll know by now, whenever Burns and I are in the same place, chances are we'll be filming something before the day is over.

The Dead Tongues

July 17, 2018
'There’s so much that I love about Charlie, but one thing that really struck me is how it feels like every time he sings and plays, he’s all in.' The Dead Tongues played a cover of Charlie Parr, the traditional song 'Wagoner's Lad' and his own 'Empire Builder'.


June 28, 2018
‘I tend to look up artists that are powerful without explanation or for mysterious reasons. And the kind that are able to speak truths that are commonly understood but never spoken.’ One of the more pleasant surprises I’ve had this last year, was discovering Twain’s latest LP Rare Feeling. Mat Davidson is one hell of a songwriter and his melodies and unique way of singing had me intrigued pretty much right away.