The Influences in 2019

The Influences in 2019

This was the busiest year yet.

In many ways, 2019 was a year of investments. Both in my personal life and for this website. It was this year that I was finally able to buy some new – and better equipment. A much better camera, extra microphones, new tripods, a bag. Some big investments, some smaller, but each one made running this website a bit easier. Yay! The biggest investment though – at least in time – was building this new website and changing the name from Onder Invloed to The Influences.

Thanks again for designing the logo, Job!

The live shows at ever lovely Cafe de Stad in Utrecht were – almost all of them – very well attended and the people who came saw special performances by Judy BlankLove Like BirdsTheo SiebenJelle Paulusma, VanWyck, Ole Kirkeng, BertolfA New InternationalSam & JuliaDemi Knight, Robin Kester and Tim Easton. Thank you all, and thank you Egbert, his staff, Laury, Demi and Rachel for helping out. Oh, by the way, see those three names that aren’t linked yet? You’ll see sessions with all of them in 2020. And they’ll be good. I’ll promise you that.

I filmed more sessions than in any of the ten years previous – as far as I can remember. All of them with incredible musicians. I did a quick count – from the top of my head – yesterday and listed about 40 (!) sessions that I have already filmed but not yet posted. Thank you to all the different locations that opened their doors for us to film. Also thank you TakeRoot and Down By The River festival for making me feel welcome yet again.

I’m dying to show you all the videos that are coming up in 2020. Some of them might be the favourite things I’ve ever filmed. Although choosing from over a decade of filming is damn near impossible. What are your favourites? Please let me know, by email or on Instagram.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get more new sessions, I’ll put some brand new screenprinted merch in the shop and the first live show of 2020 is coming up on January 26th (Dekker & Sofie Winterson are playing, don’t miss it, get your tickets now!). In other words, don’t go anywhere and please subscribe to The Influences’ newsletter using the button below to never miss out on the good stuff.

Thank you so much for visiting and supporting The Influences for over a decade, or any part of it. It remains an absolute pleasure to run this thing, to meet you at the live shows and to film with all these amazing artists. Enjoy the overview of 2019 below, and let’s see where we can take this project in 2020!


Liza Anne Matthijs van der Ven theinfluences com

Liza Anne

By Matthijs van der Ven January 23, 2019 Sessions
‘Every time I go into making a record, I’m trying to time capsule what it feels like to be alive. ‘Fine But Dying’ was a…
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Bart Hoevenaars

By Matthijs van der Ven February 15, 2019 Sessions
Bart Hoevenaars isn’t a stranger in the Dutch music indie scene. In the early zeroes he released two record with postpunk bank MONO and toured Europe multiple…
Buck Meek (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Buck Meek

By Matthijs van der Ven February 27, 2019 Sessions
American songwriter Buck Meek has very quickly become one of my favourite musicians – both his solo and Big Thief records are on the top…
Lilly Hiatt (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven /

Lilly Hiatt

By Matthijs van der Ven April 22, 2019 Sessions
When Lilly Hiatt’s third record Trinity Lane surfaced in 2017, something just seemed to click. Her songs and the records sound blend so seamlessly. ‘It…
Anaïs Mitchell (photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Anaïs Mitchell

By Matthijs van der Ven May 24, 2019 Sessions
When Anaïs Mitchell recorded this session for The Influences in 2017, she toured as Josh Ritter’s support. She recorded covers of Bob Dylan and Rachel…
Carson McHone (by Matthijs van der Ven -

Carson McHone

By Matthijs van der Ven June 28, 2019 Sessions
The Austin-based songwriter Carson McHone visited us in Utrecht’s finest record store Plato with her band to record two originals and a dangerously addictive Teddy…
Fiskur (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -


‘What I’ve learned from Scott is that kind of pride in songwriting; being able to put yourself into it, the drive and ambition for yourself…
Finn Andrews (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Finn Andrews

By Matthijs van der Ven August 1, 2019 Sessions
There would be weeks where I didn’t listen to much else than The Veils. Their records formed an often welcome escape from reality. At times…
Sun June (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Sun June

By Matthijs van der Ven September 5, 2019 Sessions
Last week I told someone to simply listen to everything that came out on the Austin-based record label Keeled Scales. She would like everything she…
Becca Mancari (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Becca Mancari

By Matthijs van der Ven September 12, 2019 Sessions
Becca Mancari made one of my favourite records of 2017. There isn’t a mediocre song on Good Woman. In fact, someone should really start a petition…
Sam & Julia (

Sam & Julia

By Matthijs van der Ven October 3, 2019 Sessions
After spending most of his childhood years living in Zimbabwe, Nicaragua and Ghana, Sam van Ommen moved to Amsterdam, where he attended a local jam…
Israel Nash (Photo by Matthijs van der Ven -

Israel Nash

By Matthijs van der Ven October 17, 2019 Sessions
The times have been good for Israel Nash. He’s focusing on the positive, rather than the negative. In this session he covered Neil Young and…
Close Talker for The Influences by Matthijs van der Ven 8092

Close Talker

By Matthijs van der Ven November 15, 2019 Sessions
Sometimes there’s little time between getting to know a band and filming a session. It only ever happens though if I immediately like the music…
The Low Anthem (by Matthijs van der Ven for

The Low Anthem

By Matthijs van der Ven November 28, 2019 Sessions
The Low Anthem recorded two songs from ‘The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea’ for The Influences. Singer Ben Miller talks…