• Tom Cunliffe

    Tom Cunliffe

    Tom Cunliffe’s record ‘Template For Love’ is great, so we met up in Utrecht to film Bruce Springsteen and Paul Anka covers and two originals.

  • Sam Brookes

    Sam Brookes

    British songwriter Sam Brookes covers Father John Misty and John Martyn for The Influences and played ‘Ekarma’ off his new LP Black Feathers.

  • Adrian Crowley

    Adrian Crowley

    Having listened to many of his lyrics, many times, it isn’t a surprise that talking to Irish songwriter Adrian Crowley and hearing him talk about ...
  • Bettie Serveert

    Bettie Serveert

    Back in 2008, I was over the moon when I got to film the first session with the Dutch indie music heroes of Bettie Serveert. ...
  • Jimmy Diamond

    Jimmy Diamond

    Jimmy Diamond is a completely new band. New music and other inspirations by drummer Ruud Gielen, bassist Floris Poessé and guitarist Jim Zwinselman as lead ...
  • Nadine Khouri

    Nadine Khouri

    I’m extremely glad to finally share the session in which Nadine Khouri played ‘You Got A Fire’ and covers of Sparklehorse and Leonard Cohen.

  • Gold Star

    Gold Star

    During Take Root festival 2018, Los Angeles-based songwriter Gold Star recorded two songs from his latest record ‘Uppers & Downers’ and a raving cover of ...
  • Charlie Parr

    Charlie Parr

    One of the songs I might have played most in the past years, is ‘1922’ by Phil Cook from his album Southland Mission. I soon ...
  • Robin Kester

    Robin Kester

    If you’re interested in music and based in Utrecht like I am, Robin Kester isn’t a new name. She still only has one ep and ...
  • Justin Townes Earle

    Justin Townes Earle

    Earlier this week, Americana songwriter Justin Townes Earle died. He was 38 years old. It’s incredibly sad – first and foremost for his family and ...
  • Fiskur


    “You know me so well, write anything you want about me.” Ross Clark’s text message was pretty clear – I’ve got carte blanche. So, the ...
  • Senora May

    Senora May

    Back when traveling and going to shows were still things people did, I met up with Kentuckian artist Senora May in Utrecht. Her self-released debut ...
  • Sofie Winterson

    Sofie Winterson

    Sofie Winterson and I only film in musea it seems. Last year we had the honor of filming at Panorama Mesdag in The Hague – ...
  • Ole Kirkeng

    Ole Kirkeng

    The summer of 2018 would soon be coming to an end, and Rachel and I had just seen two of our favourite bands – Hiss ...
  • Lewin


    The Amsterdam Songwriters Guild has been around as long as I can remember and my friend Ro Halfhide is one of the people of the ...
  • William Fitzsimmons

    William Fitzsimmons

    Usually when I interview someone, I go in pretty well prepared. I never have questions written down or anything like that, but I’ll have read ...
  • John Alexander

    John Alexander

    Earlier this week I dreamed of walking through Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Park. I looked at the wild squirrels, sat on a bench, ate a curry at ...
  • Ruben Hein

    Ruben Hein

    When we filmed this session, after Ruben Hein’s sound check for a Beach Boys tribute in Utrecht’s TivoliVredenburg, his most recent album Groundwork Rising had ...
  • Kelsey Waldon

    Kelsey Waldon

    ‘White Noise/White Lines’ is already Kelsey Waldon’s third record in five years time. The Kentuckian country singer has followed her own path since the start. ...
  • Mikaela Davis

    Mikaela Davis

    Mikaela Davis is a harpist and singer from Rochester New York, USA. She released a stunning record called Delivery in 2018. And she’s toured with ...
  • Alela Diane

    Alela Diane

    The first time I heard Alela Diane was live at the Motel Mozaique festival in Rotterdam, back in 2008. ‘The Pirate’s Gospel’ got a European ...
  • Job Roggeveen

    Job Roggeveen

    Job Roggeveen is an interesting and versatile artist. As a musician he played in several bands and started his own band Happy Camper, winning an ...
  • Robert Ellis

    Robert Ellis

    I have so many fond memories of the first session Robert Ellis recorded for The Influences years ago, I jumped at the change to do ...
  • Farmer & Lewis

    Farmer & Lewis

    Some time in the Spring of 2017 I flew to Glasgow Scotland to film Ryan Joseph Burns’ album launch. That night in Saint Luke’s, I ...
  • Andrew Combs

    Andrew Combs

    It was January 29th 2015, when I first met American songwriter Andrew Combs. I was in the upstairs room in Paradiso Amsterdam and Justin Townes ...
  • Arborist


    Two years ago, Dutch comedian and radio dj Dolf Jansen asked me to film a show he was doing with a band from Belfast, Northern ...
  • Erin Rae

    Erin Rae

    I’ve been filming sessions for this website for twelve years. In all those years, there isn’t a singer I’ve heard more peers express their admiration ...
  • Michael Cassidy

    Michael Cassidy

    The first time I heard Benbecula by the Scottish songwriter Michael Cassidy was in Amsterdam when Ryan Joseph Burns played me a mix on his phone. ...
  • Tim Easton

    Tim Easton

    About ten years ago, Dutch drummer Kees Schaper (from Tim Knol’s band) toured with American songwriter Tim Easton. A perfect chance for me to film ...
  • Sofie Winterson

    Sofie Winterson

    Learning and development are recurring themes in my conversation with Sofie Winterson. As a songwriter she continously seeks new methods and inspiration. That is probably ...
  • The Low Anthem

    The Low Anthem

    The Low Anthem recorded two songs from ‘The Salt Doll Went To Measure The Depth Of The Sea’ for The Influences. Singer Ben Miller talks ...
  • Close Talker

    Close Talker

    Sometimes there’s little time between getting to know a band and filming a session. It only ever happens though if I immediately like the music ...

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