There is no better way to discover music than watching great musicians cover the songs they love.

Recent sessions

  • Brian Dunne

    Brian Dunne

    Imagine Brian Dunne as a little kid, sitting in front of the television, watching Bruce Springsteen playing his heart out. That moment sparked the ...
  • David Keenan

    David Keenan

    In August 2019, I stayed a few days with my friend Davie Lawson and his lovely family in Ireland. Upon arrival, his eldest son called ...
  • Ian Noe

    Ian Noe

    Days before the world ground to a halt, Kentuckian songwriter Ian Noe recorded a session for The Influences. We met at Paradiso Noord in Amsterdam ...
  • Gitta de Ridder

    Gitta de Ridder

    Gitta de Ridder comes walking out of the caravan she’s living in while building a new home in Almere, trying to stop her dog Lucky ...
  • Tom Cunliffe

    Tom Cunliffe

    Tom Cunliffe’s record ‘Template For Love’ is great, so we met up in Utrecht to film Bruce Springsteen and Paul Anka covers and two originals.

  • Sam Brookes

    Sam Brookes

    British songwriter Sam Brookes covers Father John Misty and John Martyn for The Influences and played ‘Ekarma’ off his new LP Black Feathers.

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