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    Kassi Valazza

There is no better way to discover music than watching great musicians cover the songs they love. The Influences has been producing these videos ever since 2008.

Recent sessions

  • Jerry Leger

    Jerry Leger

    Jerry Leger has become a regular here at The Influences. The prolific Canadian songwriter just keeps releasing brilliant record after brilliant record. His latest Donlands ...
  • JP Harris & John R. Miller

    JP Harris & John R. Miller

    Two songwriters and a fiddle player walk into a room… and record a brilliant session for The Influences. That’s – simply put – what happened ...
  • Rachel Grace

    Rachel Grace

    When someone like Gavin Glass suggests another local artist to film with, you simply say: ‘Yes, please’. In The Influences’ fifteen years of existence, I’ve ...
  • Spencer Cullum

    Spencer Cullum

    When you get multiple reactions from other musicians after posting a photo of a session, you know you just filmed a great musician. Not that ...
  • Robert Ellis

    Robert Ellis

    The biggest compliment any musician can give me, is to come back for another session. Truly. So, when Robert Ellis reached out to record a ...
  • Malin Pettersen

    Malin Pettersen

    When I heard her EP Alonesome for the first time, I knew I had to film with Norwegian singer Malin Pettersen at some point. I’d ...
  • Hollow Hand

    Hollow Hand

    Had I taken the time to list my favourite records of 2023, Hollow Hand’s Your Own Adventure would be pretty high on it. There’s something ...
  • Stephanie Struijk

    Stephanie Struijk

    Finally, after 15 years, a Taylor Swift cover on The Influences! Years after our first session plans fell through, Dutch singer Stephanie Struijk, her band ...

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