The Influences is coming to Ireland

The Influences is coming to Ireland

Great news: I’m heading to Kilkenny, Ireland in August, to film sessions during Kilkenny Arts Festival. Over the course of two weekends, I will be filming a couple of acts playing the festival, and I’m also inviting other Irish musicians that I admire to record sessions. 

Over the years, I’ve filmed some Irish musicians already, like Adrian Crowley, Arborist, Krea, David Keenan, The Young Folk, and John Blek. But, there are so many more talented Irish artists, and I’m excited to record a lot of them in the years to come.

Kilkenny Arts Festival is a brilliant festival and I’m happy to be there again this year. Keep an eye out for updates on this website and The Influences’ social channels for updates. And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter using the form below.

Watch an impression of this year’s programma below.

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