Karen Cowley compares releasing her first solo EP with ‘cycling a bike without stabilizers for the first time’. The Callows is her first solo work as Krea after her band Wyvern Lingo went on hiatus. Well, cycle on, I’d say, because the five songs on the Irish songwriter’s EP are gorgeous. Two of those, Cowley performed in this session that was filmed on a late Tuesday night in Hilversum: September Sun and Madonna’s Don’t Tell Me. Plus a pretty magical cover of Queen’s A Kind Of Magic.

Music from Ireland’s East Coast.

Karen Cowley comes from Bray, on Ireland’s East Coast. Having been there, and having walked the Cliff Walk from Bray to Greystones, I feel like I get some of the same vibes and feelings, listening to the twenty minutes of music The Callows I got walking that Cliff Walk and witnessing those views. Sure enough you’ll enjoy these songs even without that experience.

This might be her first solo EP, Karen Cowley is anything but green, especially in the Irish music scene, having released two number one albums as one third of indie band Wyvern Lingo and collaborated with household Irish names such as Lisa Hannigan, Denise Chaila and Hozier. I’m really happy we could meet up on a late Tuesday evening in Hilversum to film these three songs.



A Kind Of Magic (Queen)
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Don’t Tell Me (Madonna)
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Filmed & edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.
Additional photos by Charlotte Blokhuis.

Charlotte’s house.
Hilversum, The Netherlands

Charlotte Blokhuis

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