Photos of our 10-year anniversary show

Photos of our 10-year anniversary show

There is positively no way Onder Invloed’s sold out 10-year-anniversary yesterday could’ve been any more special. We even heard some brand new Moss and Bettie Serveert songs!

Thank you all for coming, Café de Stad for a great (ongoing) collaboration, Sander and Rutger, Laury for working the door, Joppe for driving, DJ St. Paul for the songs, Joris (Handprinted stuff) for the screenprints, and last but definitely not least, Marien Dorleijn (Moss), Peter and Carol (Bettie Serveert) for playing your incredible songs.

It still baffles me.

Missed it? Watch some photos below for an impression.

Onder Invloed at Café de Stad.