We journalists always like to have some sort of scoop. Onder Invloed had one at the Into The Great Wide Open festival. Carol van Dyk, lead singer of the band Bettie Serveert – who celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut album Palomine on the island – performed solo for the very first time in her life. At the Onder Invloed stage, she proved all her nerves were needless, because her covers of ‘Hey Joe’ and ‘Soap Star Joe’ were great.

Hey Joe (Daniel Johnston)

Soap Star Joe (Liz Phair)

Carol van Dyk and Peter Visser of Bettie Serveert will perform at the Onder Invloed night at EKKO, along with Tim Knol and The Kik on Saturday 1st October. It’s ‘sold out’ at the minute, but it looks like there’ll be some extra tickets made available in the days before the show.

Also filming on these videos: Marije Willems
Photo: Bart Schalkwijk
Many thanks to: Into The Great Wide Open, Museum Tromp’s Huys, Johan Gijsen, Sytse Wils, Maire Haverkort, Gijsbert Kamer, Joep Smeets and Maartje Jansma.