Back in 2013, Small Houses covered I Buried You So Deep in his first session for this website; a song by his fellow Americans of Frontier Ruckus. That band recorded a session themselves earlier this year, so I asked them if they were up to record one bonus video. Here’s the stunning result.

I Buried You So Deep (Frontier Ruckus)
by Frontier Ruckus

I Buried You So Deep (Frontier Ruckus)
by Small Houses feat. Sophie ter Schure




I Buried You So Deep (Frontier Ruckus)
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Ketelhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
EKKO, Utrecht, The Netherlands

EKKO, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Ketelhuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Theo van der Ven.
Sophie ter Schure.
Carolyn Lederach.
Eduard Versteege.
Marlies Timmermans.
Elif Özbay.

Filmed, edited and graded by Matthijs van der Ven
Audio recorded and mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.