Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari

Becca Mancari made one of my favourite records of 2017. There isn’t a mediocre song on Good Woman. In fact, someone should really start a petition to rename it Great Woman. Anyway, it was a special kind of treat to have Mancari and her band cram themselves and their instruments into my room at TakeRoot festival last year, to record two songs and a rocking cover of Neil Young’s Ohio.

‘Neil Young pushes me to the limit‘

‘I love Ohio, because it feels as important as when he wrote it! In America we have a huge problem with gun violence, and a lot of people feel unsafe… So, I wanted to connect to the audience with this one. Honestly, this is not even my favorite style of Neil Young. I love his work of course in Harvest Moon and on Harvest and Comes a Time, but what I really love is how he takes chances and always pushes you to the limit of length, style, genre, and form. I love Zuma and On the Beach just as much and maybe more than his most iconic work. Oh also, we are born on the same day November 12th, so I feel kin to him on many levels.’

‘We have so much work to do.‘

‘I am worried, but I am active now, does that makes sense? I think a lot of us wanted to feel like after Obama things had changed for the better, “for good,” man were we wrong! We have so much work to do, to bring peace and really change things, like racism and gun violence, but I have hope for us especially because of the younger generation!’

‘Free for the first time.‘

‘My new music feels like I’m really free for the first time… I feel like I kind of tried to fit into a mold a little bit with my first record, but this second record, is just me fully being myself, and it feels incredible! I truly cannot wait for people to hear it!’

‘I really love these songwriters right now, Childish Gambino, girl in red, Piero Piccioni (composer), Anderson. Paak, Lomelda, and more. Go listen you will see why!’



Ohio (Neil Young)
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Becca Mancari

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Filmed & edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.

Take Root Festival
Groningen, The Netherlands

Joey Ruchtie
De Oosterpoort
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