Erin Rae

Erin Rae

I’ve been filming sessions for this website for twelve years. In all those years, there isn’t a singer I’ve heard more peers express their admiration off than Erin Rae. The Nashville based songwriter’s work is loved by many musicians I’ve filmed, and for years now, I’ve joined them. From 2015’s Soon Enough to 2018’s masterpiece Putting On Airs, there’s simply too much beauty to not be in awe of Erin Rae McKaskle. Recently, she’s been touring a lot with like-minded artists like Andrew Combs and Hiss Golden Messenger. Last fall, she did a headlining European tour and I couldn’t believe my luck when she joined us in Utrecht on their first day to film covers of her father and Kate Campbell plus a solo take of Can’t Cut Loose.

As I wrote, I’ve heard a lot of musicians talk about how much they like Erin Rae’s voice and music. So, I decided to ask one of them to write it down. Please enjoy the videos below and read the words by her friend and fellow-songwriter Andrew Combs.

‘Erin lives and breathes her art‘

by Andrew Combs.

‘I’ve never seen Erin put on a bad show. I’ve never seen her sing a wrong note. I’ve never heard a song of hers that was not compelling. I’m sure she might disagree with these comments, but I’m confident to say I’ve never known anyone to be more comfortable living a life in music than Erin. If you pay close attention to her shows, you’ll notice she nearly always has a smile on her face. This is not a put on. Rather, Erin genuinely loves to sing and write songs and is thrilled to be able to share her talent.’

‘Her expertise and precision in music is not a result of training or obsession over technicalities, it’s because she lives and breathes her art. She is happiest when she is doing it and that pure and honest approach only makes her songs and voice that much more authentic and classic. She’s my favorite singer and songwriter in Nashville and an inspiration to myself and scores of others. I am proud to be able to call her a friend.’

Erin Rae is about to go on yet another tour, supporting the brilliant Bonny Light Horseman (feat. Anaïs Mitchell) in the United States. Now that’s as good a line up as one can get. If you’re near, go see them.



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Erin Rae

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Filmed by Rachel Huneker & Matthijs van der Ven.
Edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.

Husk Ceramics
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Husk Ceramics
Andrew Combs
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Rachel Huneker

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