Emme Woods

Emme Woods

In December 2018 we hosted our third live show at the always lovely The Glad Cafe in Glasgow. Five local acts performed a couple of covers and originals in front of my cameras and a live audience. Closing act of the night was Emme Woods, the soulful rock ‘n roll band around charismatic lead singer Morgan Woods.

I have to thank Finlay MacDonald of Lenzie Moss for pointing me in Emme Woods’ direction. It only took about two minutes of I’ve Been Running to decide I’d love for Woods to perform at The Glad Cafe. Luckily she didn’t take long to reply either and here we are, with two brilliant covers of Nina Simone and The Beach Boys.

Made for these times

While Emme Woods were sound checking I was running (pun intended) around in a frenzy trying to solve a technical camera problem. As soon as they rehearsed this Beach Boys cover I was able to relax a bit because I realized the night was going to be special no matter what. The camera issue was solved (Ryan Joseph Burns came to the rescue, flu or no flu) and Emme Woods were captured doing a riveting tribute. Morgan Woods: ‘Brian Wilson is a true hero, to play his music is an absolute treasure. I was shittin’ it because i always take Brian Wilson seriously, he should be listened to and heard.’

Important things to say

Woods continues: ‘Nina too, she is a true queen. She has so much important things to say and the most beautiful music to make and love to give. I don’t take it lightly, playing two of the greats. But I had a real great time, so thank you for that.’ Well Morgan, so did we all.

Greatness is coming

Emme Woods have new things coming very soon. ‘The record is done and I couldn’t be happier with it. I’m releasing a film alongside, shot on super 8. So greatness takes time and so does developing film. But it is all shot so I have things to be thankful for.’

More to come soon

All five performances at The Glad Cafe were filmed, so expect them to appear on this website in the months to come! If you’re ever in Glasgow, make sure to visit The Glad Cafe, it’s got great shows, good drinks, brilliant food and lovely people.


Emme Woods Photos by Kendall Wilson.
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I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times (Beach Boys)
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Tanywey (Nina Simone)
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Emme Woods

The Glad Cafe
Glasgow, The Netherlands

Filmed, edited and graded by Matthijs van der Ven.
Live sound by Craig Bowditch.
Audio recorded by Joe Smillie.
Audio mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.

The Glad Cafe
Joe & Rachel Smillie
Kim Blyth
Craig Bowditch
Kendall Wilson
Ryan Joseph Burns
Paul Tasker