Three Blind Wolves

Three Blind Wolves
Earlier this year Three Blind Wolves‘ singer Ross Clark jumped on a train to Utrecht on a day off from touring with a play in Luxembourg. In the short time we had we filmed a bunch of songs from the new EP The Bridge, two covers and a short documentary.

We already premiered the EP’s title-track The Bridge, accompanied by a live video and a Bettie Serveert cover, filmed at The Village Wolvenplein in Utrecht. A couple of other videos (including a short documentary) were released on YouTube as well, but with the release of these final two videos (Stay Calm Ali & Be The Man), all the results from our 24 hour film frenzy will be online.

You’ll find all of the videos below.



Stay Calm Ali

Be The Man

Tom Boy (Bettie Serveert)

God Is Love, But So Is Arthur Lee (Y’all is Fantasy Island)

The Bridge

The Bridge mini documentary




Tom Boy (Bettie Serveert)
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God Is Love, But So Is Arthur Lee (Y’all Is Fantasy Island)




The Village Coffee & Music, Utrecht
Outside in Utrecht
Onder Invloed’s livingroom, Utrecht

The Village Coffee & Music, Utrecht
Rolof Groothoff & Marte van der Doelen