Iona Macdonald (Doghouse Roses)

Iona Macdonald (Doghouse Roses)

Iona Macdonald was one of the first Scottish persons, plus one of the best singers I ever met. She’s gearing up to release the third album with Doghouse Roses, her band with Paul Tasker and I can assure you that it’s their best work to date. She was kind enough to perform a solo session at The Glad Cafe.

During this session, she played covers of Big Star and Shovels & Rope, plus got her bandmate Paul Tasker and The Colour Of Whisky’s Katie MacArthur on stage for Feed The Monster, a song of the forthcoming Doghouse Roses record Lost Is Not Losing.

Thirteen (Big Star)

Lay Low (Shovels & Rope)

Feed The Monster (Doghouse Roses)
Featuring Paul Tasker & Katie McArthur


Thirteen (Big Star)
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Lay Low (Shovels & Rope)
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The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland

The Glad Cafe
Joe Smillie (The Glad Cafe promoter)
Kim Blyth (The Glad Cafe assistent promoter)
Craig Bowditch (live sound engineer & lights)
Ryan Joseph Burns (audio recording & mixing)
Iona Macdonald
Rachel Huneker (filming)
Paul Tasker
Katie McArthur