We are coming back to Glasgow

We are coming back to Glasgow

Onder Invloed, the video project from The Netherlands for which musicians from all over the world cover their influences, is coming back to Glasgow. On Saturday 21 November, six Scottish acts will be filmed playing live sessions during ‘The Influences’ at The Glad Cafe, just like the sold out first edition two years ago. Washington Irving, Pronto Mama, The Colour Of Whisky, Alistair Ogilvy, Iona Macdonald and Ryan Joseph Burns will perform.

Onder Invloed (English name: The Influences) is a project by Dutch journalist Matthijs van der Ven. He films musicians covering songs by their influences. The idea of the project is to have visitors of theinfluences.com watch sessions with great musicians, and to also get to know the music they’ve been influenced by. Van der Ven has been doing this since 2008 and there’ve been well over 150 sessions with Dutch and international musicians so far. Over the years, a lot of Scottish musicians have been featured on the website, which is written in English.

The Influences at The Glad Cafe - November 21 2015

Two years ago – after a lot of Onder Invloed live events in different Dutch cities – the idea of hosting a night in Glasgow came up and surprisingly quick a venue, The Glad Cafe on Pollokshaws Road and a great line up were arranged. Thinking back on the overwhelmingly positive reactions by all parties, Van der Ven has decided to come back and do it all over again. The second edition features new musicians, none of which have recorded a session for Onder Invloed before, at least not in this formation.

All six acts will perform two cover songs and one original; everything will be filmed and later published at theinfluences.com.

Van der Ven has had a bit of a history with Glasgow and its musicians, ever since his first visit in March 2009 when he filmed fourteen sessions in seven days. Since then, visits ran into double digits and he filmed more sessions with Scottish musicians, for instance Rachel Sermanni, BMX Bandits and Alasdair Roberts. He also booked several Dutch tours for Three Blind Wolves, The Starlets, Doghouse Roses, The Seventeenth Century and Ryan Joseph Burns. This November, another six acts will be added to the long list of Scottish musicians at the website.

Tickets for ‘The Influences’ on Saturday 21 November cost £ 5, – and are for sale at The Glad Café’s website: thegladcafe.co.uk

Musicians about Onder Invloed:

“I had the great pleasure of taking part in one of Matthijs’ Onder Invloed events in Glasgow a couple of years ago. It was a wonderfully warm and convivial event, bringing together various members of the city’s music community in a very unique fashion. It’s interesting to observe how the efforts of a fellow who’s not a resident of Glasgow (but who nevertheless clearly has a great love of the place and its people and culture) can highlight the various strands of influence at work within the city’s music scene in such enlightening and enjoyable ways.”

Alasdair Roberts

“From Utrecht to the world, Onder Invloed is an extraordinary thing: A labour of love for Matthijs and a rallying point for musicians and music lovers from all nations and differing genres. It’s bringing people together for the sake of the song.”

– Biff Smith (A New International)

“Having been a part of Onder Invloed’s life so far has been incredible, Matthijs manages to capture great performances from the musicians and it’s no wonder the calibre of acts is so impressive. The idea of having the acts play covers allows the viewer to see another side to some of their favourite musicians (and it keeps us musicians on our toes). It’s really great to have Matthijs putting on his second show in Glasgow, it’s gonna be a good’un!”

Ryan Joseph Burns

The poster

The Influences at The Glad Cafe Glasgow poster