Dominic Billett

Dominic Billett

Erin Rae, Andrew Combs, Courtney Marie Andrews, Caitlin Rose, Kelsey Waldon… these are just a few names of artists who have had the pleasure of having Dominic Billett on drums with them. He is one of my favourite drummers I’ve seen live, and more than that: he’s a gifted songwriter as well, and his records Lower and two peach trees (out on vinyl through Perpetual Doom on April 7th) have been on high rotation in The Influences’ office. Try listening to Carefully Exist and not feel completely at ease after. So, when Dominic Billett joined Andrew Combs for his session in 2022, I simply could not let him leave without recording a session of his own. Accompanied by Jerry Bernhardt (they are a golden combination) on guitar, Billett played Satisfied Heart and a cover of The Kernal’s She’s Seeing Somebody.

“The Kernal’s voice often brings me to tears.”

Of course I asked Dominic Billett about his choice for The Kernal, a.k.a. Joe Garner. “The Kernal is not only one of the most gifted songwriters and musicians, but he is one of my greatest inspirations and dearest friends. He has this ability to weave a story like a Ray Bradbury novel, mixed with a western directed by David Lynch and he does so with the delivery of Roger Miller or Frank Sinatra mixed with like, the GZA. He is endlessly brilliant and I love him SO.”

She’s Seeing Somebody is one of my favorite tracks off of his last record called Listen to the Blood. Here, he is the poet/crooner and it is one of my favorite versions of Kernal – his voice often brings me to tears. I wanted to pay homage to his beauty and talent by covering this tune with Jerry Bernhardt on guitar – one of the most talented musicians out there. Jerry produced LTTB (along with Ben Tanner) and we both play with Kernal in a live setting. Everyone should stop what they are doing and go listen to The Kernal NOW. Thanks The Influences for having me along!”

Thank you Dominic. Everyone else, don’t stop right this second, watch the full session first, but after that, I second that; go listen to The Kernal – he’s amazing. And so are Dominic’s albums, so plenty to brighten your day, week or life with.

Debut album two peach trees available on vinyl now

Two and a half years after its original release on cassette, Dominic Billett’s debut album two peach trees is getting a vinyl release on Perpetual Doom, April 7th 2023. Here’s what they have to say: ‘Based in Nashville but immersed in life on the road, Billett brings years of work as a professional touring musician to his first proper full-length record. It is a collection of vibrant, distinctly realized songs, drawing from an eclectic mix of sounds, styles, and studio effects and unified by Billett’s evocative lyrical insights. The result is a profound debut that speaks to the persistence of longing, artistic discovery, and the tumultuous search for peace.’ Pre-order right here.


She’s Seeing Somebody (The Kernal)
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Dominic Billett

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Filmed & edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Martijn Groeneveld.
Assistant: Jesse van der Bruggen.

Mailmen studio
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Jerry Bernhardt
Andrew Combs
Malin Pettersen

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Thank you for watching and enjoying this session. You’ll probably like some other sessions from The Influences’ archive too, like this one by Courtney Marie Andrews.

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