Three Blind Wolves

Three Blind Wolves

Last Thursday, Three Blind Wolves played a truly great show at Tivoli in Utrecht. It was their first show in Utrecht that I had nothing to do with, which was a weird but good feeling. In the afternoon of what was a very warm and sunny day, we met outside the venue at the Oudegracht and recorded this session.

Like I experienced when filming Tim Knol alongside another part of the Oudegracht in 2008, people stopped to listen – walking past or in a boat on the canal – and some even got some chairs out to enjoy the songs. All, except for some businessmen who had the brilliant idea to have a quiet business meeting outside in the middle of the city center on a sunny day, applauded when the songs were done.

Three Blind Wolves played a Bruce Springsteen cover, a brand new song Down In The Mud and album closer When The Garden Gets Near off Sing Hallelujah For The Old Machine.

Three Blind Wolves
All photos by Matthijs van der Ven.


Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska, 1982)
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