Read it and feel the fear…

Read it and feel the fear…

Just a quick update on what I’m doing. I’ve been busy writing, deleting words, rewriting chapters and all those sorts of things involving the book Onder Invloed. It’s a hell of a job, I’m telling you, but I can’t describe what an exciting feeling it causes. Kind of dissapointing when a writer can’t describe something, but then again; all my words are going into the book at the moment. There’s little room for anything else. Let me tell you what’s coming up.

The next few weeks, more people of publisher LJ Veen will check if there are still any mistakes to be found in the manuscript. If so, I’m going to correct them, and pretty soon the book will be printed and out in the open. I’m happy to say that Tom Roelofs made all the photos and did an even better job than I dared to hope for and Robert Jan at Pankra has been working his magic on the book cover.

The release is scheduled for January 2012.

There will be a lot of things happening to celebrate the wonderful fact of my first book being published. Live shows, give-aways, stripteases, you name it.

As soon as more information get’s confirmed, you’ll of course find it on this website. For now, save some money on the Christmas presents you’re giving your parents or children, because you’re going to want to spend the money on this book. I hope.