More live videos from Onder Invloed at Hedon

More live videos from Onder Invloed at Hedon

Earlier this week, we published live videos of Marien Dorleijn (Moss) and Arthur Adam playing the Onder Invloed show at Hedon in Zwolle in March. Also on the line-up that night; Ryan Joseph Burns and The Seventeenth Century from Glasgow. There’s no point in me repeating all the positive words I’ve said about them in the last year. If you don’t get it by now, you might after watching these videos. Two covers by Burns, one by The Seventeenth Century. Beirut, Fleet Foxes and Magnetic Fields.

The Seventeenth Century – Postcards From Italy (Beirut)

Ryan Joseph Burns – Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Fleet Foxes)

Ryan Joseph Burns – Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields)

Filmed by Hedon.

The next Onder Invloed night at Hedon, Zwolle will be at Wednesday the 19th of October. Keep checking this site for the line up.