I’ve just come home from 2,5 weeks driving around the UK. I’ve visited my friends in Glasgow, saw Lenzie Moss, The Seventeenth Century and Doghouse Roses perform live, witnessed Alan McGee (Creation Records) do a DJ set in Leeds, bought records in Liverpool and Manchester and had an amazing trip to the stunning Isle Of Skye.

Now, back in Utrecht, I won’t leave my room unless it’s for something really special. I’m spending the whole of August writing the first Onder Invloed book which is due for publication in January 2012.

There will be stuff published on this site in the meantime. Good stuff, so keep an eye open. Also, there will be plenty to announce on here about upcoming live events, so get your head out of the sun and into this site every now and again. It’ll be better for your skin.

I hope to keep you up to date once in a while through this site on how the writing’s coming along. For more information on the book (in Dutch), please visit my publisher’s website.