Les Johnson

Les Johnson

It was an early Saturday morning when we went to a beer cellar to record two sessions in a row. Christine Bovill and Les Johnson eased us into the weekend, after drinking a lot of beer and tequila the night before. Which probably isn’t the best idea ever when you’ve got two sessions planned at 10 o’clock in the morning. Kenny aka Les Johnson will blow your mind.

As I wrote, we recorded in a beer cellar underneath a bar famous for it’s special beers and whiskies. You can buy a glass of White Bowmore for about 150 pounds there. Obviously we didn’t, how sweet it would be to have a little taster around midday. We settled for tea and a beer. The reason for this joy was given to us by Christine Bovill (session online later this month) and Les Johnson, who played songs by The Handsome Family, Bob Dylan and himself.

Odd enough, Kenny (Les Johnson) didn’t start to write music untill a few years ago. Apparently, he didn’t discover his talent before then, while it is obvious to everyone who sees him play. A few days earlier, we witnessed him play the open mic night, where Davie Lawson, Paul and Iona from Doghouse Roses and Ro Halfhide also played some songs. You can’t help but put your drink on the table and stare at the mister with the special voice.

Everytime you watch his covers, they’ll sound better and better to you, guaranteed. Hopefully I’ll get him to take the ferry to The Netherlands soon to have you staring surprised heavily for a night. Again, a huge thanks goes out to Ro Halfhide for recording and mixing the audio and Davie, Paul and Iona for organising the session and for taking us out of our beds and into the beer cellar.

Giant Of Illinois (The Handsome Family)

Senor (Bob Dylan)

Hitting The Small Time Big

Bill’s Big Night

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Photos by Matthijs van der Ven, Davie Lawson and Iona Macdonald.

Paul Tasker
Iona MacDonald
Davie Lawson
Ro Halfhide (audio)