Kinbrae’s Top 5 songs

Kinbrae’s Top 5 songs

Michael and Andrew Truscott are musicians you might know of their band The Seventeenth Century who’ve been featured on this site multiple times. These twin brothers from Glasgow, one a drummer the other a hornist – although both now play multiple instruments, have recently been working hard on a new project named Kinbrae. For Onder Invloed they picked five of their favourite songs.

Instrumentals A (Arthur Russell)
Andy: “When I was studying at Reid Kerr College my tutor gave me a CD and told me I would love it. He was right. As soon as I heard this opening song I fell in love with Russell’s work. Arthur Russell’s First Thought Best Thought is still my favourite record of his. I can still remember putting on the album for the first time.”

The Twins (Prague) (Max Richter)
Mike: “Max Richter was the first minimalist composer that I got into and I quickly became engrossed in the music he made. Memoryhouse fast became my favourite album and this piano based piece is the standout out track for me. Of course being a twin means that the title is also something that I can relate to.”

Sue’s Last Ride (Dirty Three)
Andy: “One of my favourite bands. They manage to make a simple set up of drums, violin and guitar sound so beautiful, intense and just really fucking good. This is a great song off their favourite record of mine.”

First Watch (King Creosote & Jon Hopkins)
Mike: “A great album and a big influence on us as a band. I love use of field recordings and the simple piano part played on this is beautiful. An album about Fife in Scotland, where we grew up, this is the perfect opener.”

Familiar (Nils Frahm)
Andy & Mike: “We’ve both been huge fans of Nils’ work for a while now. A very talented guy who seems to have a great deal of passion for the music he composes.”

A Distant Shoreline (Kinbrae)
Kinbrae play a mixture of brass, acoustic guitar, percussion and musique concrete to create a uniquely experimental yet accessible form of ambient, classical music. They’ve acknowledged to be influenced by artists like Nils Frahm, Olafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick. The Truscott brothers have been writing like there’s no tomorrow, so they have a broad collection of songs waiting to be recorded and collected on a debut record. When they do so, you’ll be sure to know by visiting the Onder Invloed website. Also keep posted for the session they recorded that will be published over the Summer.