Doghouse Roses

Doghouse Roses

I met Paul Tasker while filming Davie Lawson on tour in The Netherlands in September 2008. Tasker joined Lawson on the second day to play guitar on the rest of his gigs. I was blown away by his guitar skills and his kebab-loving personality. So when he and Iona MacDonald came to stay with me this February, we recorded this session.

When Tasker gave me the Doghouse Roses album ‘How’ve You Been (All This Time?)’, at first I thought the music wasn’t really my cup of tea. But then I just sat down, and did nothing else than listen to the record. It hit me because of it’s pure musicality. Tasker is almost a magician on guitar and where it comes to singing, MacDonald is probably one of the most at ease singers I’ve ever witnessed. It doesn’t really matter when you see them play, or where; their chemistry is obvious and will get you hooked in no time.

To be short; there’re funny, they’re nice, they were wonderful hosts to Ro Halfhide and me when we came to Glasgow, but most of all they’re really good musicians. As you will notice by watching their covers of Dolly Parton, Townes van Zandt and a traditional. The session was recorded at Ro’s livingroom in Amsterdam, during a week of touring The Netherlands early February this year.

Jolene (Dolly Parton)

Pancho And Lefty (Townes van Zandt)

Blackriverside (Traditional)

Cannonball Rag (Merle Travis/Kennedy Jones)

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Ro Halfhide (Audio)