Broeder Dieleman

Broeder Dieleman

During the Onder Invloed shows at festival Into The Great Wide Open in September, Broeder Dieleman made a surprise appearance. At the end of the interview with Meindert Talma – a musician Dieleman claims to be influenced by, he walked on stage, talked a little and played the traditional Klein Zieltje.

Earlier this year, Broeder Dieleman recorded a regular session for Onder Invloed, and I also published a video of him playing one of his own songs.

This session was filmed by Dick van der Ven, Rachel Huneker and Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio & video editing by Matthijs van der Ven.

Thank you
Into The Great Wide Open & volunteers
Eva van Meerten (stage manager)
Gijsbert Kamer (presenter)
Johan Gijsen
Sytse Wils
Joep Smeets
Maartje Jansma

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