The best of Zonder Invloed in 2012

The best of Zonder Invloed in 2012

In 2012, I decided these extra songs recorded during sessions could use their own posts and category. The name ‘Zonder Invloed‘ was quickly thought of and was bought. The videos in this category are original songs by the musicians I record sessions with. We usually film these if we both have some time and energy left after filming all the covers. Here’s a collection of these videos in 2012.

(Please click on the names of the musicians to visit the original posts)

Theo Sieben – Dig A Hole

Bertolf – Wall

Marien Dorleijn (Moss) – Spellbound

Janne Schra – Speak Up

Kim Janssen – Drift

Ryan Joseph Burns – Before I Leave

Mathijs Leeuwis – Land Van Honing En Melk

Paulusma – (I Watched Your) Shadow Dancing

Davie Lawson – Annie #2

Rebecca Sier – Wide

David Pino (El Pino And The Volunteers) – Heads Or Tails

Chop Wood – Stay The Night

Royal Parks – Doing Overtime