The first session outside Utrecht or Amsterdam; Marten de Paepe was the reason to travel to Nijmegen. A beautiful city alongside the river the 'Waal'. At the other side of the river, there is the Ooijpolder, where we recorded covers from Bob Dylan, Neil Young and Ane Brun. The session turned out as beautiful as the surroundings.

I had been in Nijmegen before, of course, but never in the Ooijpolder, where singer-songwriter Marten de Paepe took me. On the other side of the 'Waal', surrounded by nature, peace and quiet, Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt's Galloway Studio is located. All you can hear are birds, the wind and the music coming from the studio.

On the 20th of June, sounds originally written by Dylan, Young and Brun came through the studio's windows, as Marten covered 'Motion Pictures', 'He Was A Friend Of Mine' and 'Rubber And Soul' for Onder Invloed. He was accompanied by Van Bijlevelt (from the band Okieson) on guitar, backing vocals and drums.

Thanks go out to Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt from Okieson and the Galloway Studio for recording the audio and letting us rebuild his livingroom.

Motion Pictures (Neil Young)

He Was A Friend Of Mine (Bob Dylan)

Rubber And Soul (Ane Brun)