Davie Lawson

Davie Lawson

He’s got great songs, a beautiful voice and most importantly for now; interesting influences. Davie Lawson chose to play songs by The Handsome Family and Bob Dylan and a Scottish traditional, of which nobody knows who’s ever written it.The first time I saw Davie Lawson live, was in Utrecht at EKKO with Lucky Fonz III. It was a lazy Sunday afternoon after a long, long Saturday night. Since that show, Davie is officially allowed to sell his album as a miracle drug for hangovers. 

Lonerism is one of the things Davie is influenced by. No wonder one of the covers is ‘I Threw It All Away’ by Bob Dylan. Davie especially loves bootleg, raw performances and recordings. Nothing polished. Like the Bob Dylan Basement Tapes: “If you’re sitting watching this and you haven’t got them, then go out tomorrow and buy them. That really is the history of music, there and then.”

Wait no longer and watch Davie Lawson perform ‘Weightless Again’ by The Handsome Family, ‘I Threw It All Away’ by Bob Dylan and the traditional ‘Moonshiner’. This session also is the premiere for the one and only unique Onder Invloed-bumper! Rogier van der Zwaag (Nobody Beats The Drum) worked like a mad man and created a cool, catchy bumper video that, from now on, will be featured right before and after every single Onder Invloed video. Thank you Rogier!


Filmed & edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Ro Halfhide.

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