The first video I saw of the Scottish band Pronto Mama was a perfect cover of Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out at the BBC. That, plus my persistent friend Jamie Webster – who just happens to be their manager – telling me to, made me check out their own songs. I’m glad I did, because it’s the kind of indie rock I like, especially when sung with a Scottish accent.

On Saturday 21 November this year, Onder Invloed hosted the second edition of ‘The Influences‘ at The Glad Cafe in the southside of Glasgow, Scotland. Six local acts performed live sessions in front of three cameras and a sold out venue. Pronto Mama were the first to play and they did covers of The Kinks and the incredibly beautiful traditional song Wild Mountain Thyme.

Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks)


Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)




Sunny Afternoon (The Kinks)
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Wild Mountain Thyme (Traditional)
This is a traditional song, so there’s no ‘original’. I’ve found a nice version (there are a lot of versions) with Dick Gaughan, Emmylou Harris, The McGarrigles and Rufus Wainwright from The Transatlantic Sessions.
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The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland

The Glad Cafe
Joe Smillie (The Glad Cafe promoter)
Kim Blyth (The Glad Cafe assistent promoter)
Craig Bowditch (live sound engineer & lights)
Ryan Joseph Burns (audio recording & mixing)
Rachel Huneker (filming)
Paul Tasker