Le Reno Amps

Le Reno Amps

What a day. We had already recorded Ross Clark and The Parsonage, when a black cab drove us to a building with rehearsal rooms somewhere in Glasgow, where Le Reno Amps were practising for the release party of their new album ‘Tear It Open’. They dropped everything and rocked our socks off. You’ll be barefooted at the end of this session too.

Le Reno Amps did their job and gave us some renewed energy after a long first day in Glasgow. Three sessions on one day in a thus far completely unknown city; it’s a lot to take in. We forgot our tired and aching feet the moment this group started playing. The moment they plug in their guitars, you just know there’s absolutely no way back from this point on. This is when you realise they’re good, no matter if they play you favourite genre or style.

These guys and girl didn’t mind it was their last hour to rehearse before releasing their album ‘Tear It Open’ a couple of days later. At first sight they might even have looked a bit timid or calm, but that all changed soon enough. Thirty minutes of raging guitar solos, loud vocals, driven drums and bass. Luckily Ro Halfhide managed to record and mix it in his usual wonderful way, because all our ears got ruined by a guitar solo in the album’s second single ‘The Stand Off’, because of someone forgetting to turn down some volume button.

Did I mention all the songs were one takes?

Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)

Rowboat (Beck)


The Stand Off

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All photos by Matthijs van der Ven.

Davie Lawson
Iona MacDonald
Paul Tasker
Ro Halfhide