Here comes the Summer

Here comes the Summer

Last week, Onder Invloed was at Here Comes The Summer, the Spring version of the Into The Great Wide Open festival. At our stage, Gijsbert Kamer (de Volkskrant) interviewed a bunch of musicians who then all played two covers and one original song. Here Come The Videos!

Due to a unfortunate technical problem, the video recordings of Jacco Gardner’s performance can’t be published. We hope to film a session with him later this year. For now, there are still three videos with three songs each for you to enjoy.

Beans & Fatback

Precious Jewel (Roy Acuff)
Fire And Brimstone (Fred Lincoln Wray Jr.)
Use Me (Beans & Fatback)

High The Moon (Keez Groenteman)

The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side (Magnetic Fields)
I Don’t Wanna Get Over You (Magnetic Fields)
King Of The Isle (High The Moon)


Into The Great Wide Open (Tom Petty)
Susanne (Weezer)
Water Naar Zee (Swinder)