Last week, Onder Invloed was at Here Comes The Summer, the Spring version of the Into The Great Wide Open festival. At our stage, Gijsbert Kamer (de Volkskrant) interviewed a bunch of musicians who then all played two covers and one original song. Here Come The Videos!

Due to a unfortunate technical problem, the video recordings of Jacco Gardner’s performance can’t be published. We hope to film a session with him later this year. For now, there are still three videos with three songs each for you to enjoy.

Beans & Fatback

Precious Jewel (Roy Acuff)
Fire And Brimstone (Fred Lincoln Wray Jr.)
Use Me (Beans & Fatback)

High The Moon (Keez Groenteman)

The Luckiest Guy On The Lower East Side (Magnetic Fields)
I Don’t Wanna Get Over You (Magnetic Fields)
King Of The Isle (High The Moon)


Into The Great Wide Open (Tom Petty)
Susanne (Weezer)
Water Naar Zee (Swinder)