The organisation of festival Into The Great Wide Open invited Onder Invloed to host a stage in the mornings of the festival weekend. To keep it short, it was brilliant. The weather was nice, the location superb; a garden behind a museum, just one dike in between the stage and the sea. And so many people showed up. The coming weeks; the videos of the sessions will be uploaded. Here’s Roy Santiago.

Picture Book (The Kinks)

Marie Provost (Nick Lowe)

Also filming on these videos: Marije Willems
Photo: Bart Schalkwijk
Many thanks to: Into The Great Wide Open, Museum Tromp’s Huys, Johan Gijsen, Sytse Wils, Maire Haverkort, Gijsbert Kamer, Joep Smeets and Maartje Jansma.