Ro Halfhide (GWO11)

Ro Halfhide (GWO11)

There are no words to describe how much Ro Halfhide has done for this project, he even flew with me to Glasgow in 2009 to record Scottish bands. But that’s not why I booked him at the Onder Invloed stage at Into The Great Wide Open. As you might have noticed on the Traditionals album, Halfhide’s got a voice a lot of the old blues singers would have killed for. What, you don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Dust My Broom (Traditional)

900 Miles (Traditional, feat. Lucky Fonz III)

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Also filming on these videos: Marije Willems
Photo: Bart Schalkwijk
Many thanks to: Into The Great Wide Open, Museum Tromp’s Huys, Johan Gijsen, Sytse Wils, Maire Haverkort, Gijsbert Kamer, Joep Smeets and Maartje Jansma.