Davie Lawson (live)

Davie Lawson (live)

I’ve just spent a week in Glasgow, with Ro Halfhide, Paul Tasker, Iona MacDonald and Davie Lawson. Only two weeks before, Davie played at Onder Invloed Live in Cafe U Rock, in Utrecht. If you happened to miss it, shame on you, but don’t worry. Here are the four covers Davie played. Amongst others a Lucky Fonz III song!

Davie Lawson – Don’t Knock On My Door (Lucky Fonz III)

Davie Lawson – Moonshiner (traditional)

Davie Lawson – Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan)

Davie Lawson – Stepstone (traditional)

Thanks to:

Pieter Pin | U ROCK
Ro Halfhide | sound
Stijn Hansen | 2nd camera
Marije Willems | door
Bart Schalkwijk | photos