El Pino and The Volunteers was one of the first Dutch bands I really got into, years back. I’ve been buying their albums and going to their shows ever since. Last year was a quiet one for the band as they were playing with Happy Camper and lead-singer David Pino recorded an album with Moss-singer Marien Dorleijn as TIKA; but when I asked Pino to play solo at Hedon, luckily he agreed. Unfortunately, the audio recordings of the covers he played didn’t work out so well, so no covers, but two great El Pino-songs. There’s another change to see Pino play solo at the Onder Invloed night at 013 in Tilburg on Friday the 20th of January.

Heads Or Tails (El Pino And The Volunteers)

Dust And Doubts (El Pino And The Volunteers)

Filmed by Hedon.
Photo by Tom Roelofs.