Anne Soldaat – Mr Randalph (music video)

Anne Soldaat – Mr Randalph (music video)

I had the honour of making a videoclip for the Anne Soldaat song Mr. Randalph. The clip is made out of footage from a weekend on Terschelling with Soldaat and Ferry Roseboom in 2007, a show in Hoorn, recordings with Jason Falkner in the USA and Soldaat’s Onder Invloed session. The clip’s online now.

Anne Soldaat – Mr Randalph

This is what mister Soldaat himself has to say about his session on this website:

‘A OI session is a great chance to play some classic songs and – who knows – introduce them to a new audience. Yes, I deliberately stayed away from the Buffalo Springfield/Neil Young material. My God, I’ve played so much NY in my life – it’s pathetic! I think it’s going to rain today, sung by Dusty Springfield, was a track I discovered on a secondhand Amnesty International record. It ‘s guaranteed to bring the tears to my eyes.. It took a while before I realized that it was a Randy Newman original.

‘Lonely Sea, I think, is one of Brian’s earliest true weltschmerz-songs and a first step away from the bubblegum surf- and car-tunes. There’s a straight line from Lonely sea, through In my Room, to Carolne No or ‘Till I Die. The mood is similar, but the musical sophistication grows with the years, which makes the later songs kinda hard to cover…

‘Fotheringay is a song that my good friend from the UK, Mick Dillingham, turned me on to. He sent me the most incredible Fairport Convention and Sandy Denny stuff.. Bootlegs, out-takes etc. To be frank , I’m not completely sure what the song is about. It’s a some medieval drama with a British queen or lady being held captive – probably by some evil dark knights.. The mood is dreamlike and the guitarpicking is beautiful as is Sandy’s husky voice. Go check out these originals!’