Alistair Ogilvy

Alistair Ogilvy
Until about a year ago, my life was a little worse than it is now, if only because I hadn’t yet gotten acquainted with folk singer Alistair Ogilvy‘s music. It was Ryan Joseph Burns who told me about him and I was reminded of that when I noticed they were both playing at Craig Armstrong‘s night with the Orchestra of Scottish Opera in Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall. I looked up his second record July Moon, produced by Admiral Fallow’s Louis Abbott, and got hooked by his impressive voice.

So much so, that I invited Ogilvy to record a session at our night The Glad Cafe. in November 2015.

During this session, he played covers of Sandy Denny and a traditional song, plus an original from July Moon. He was joined by his guitarist Kieran Heather.

Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Sandy Denny)

Craigie Hill (Traditional)

My Heart Aches




Who Knows Where The Time Goes? (Sandy Denny)
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Craigie Hill (Traditional)
YouTube (Dick Gaughan’s version)




The Glad Cafe, Glasgow, Scotland

The Glad Cafe
Joe Smillie (The Glad Cafe promoter)
Kim Blyth (The Glad Cafe assistent promoter)
Craig Bowditch (live sound engineer & lights)
Ryan Joseph Burns (audio recording & mixing)
Rachel Huneker (filming)
Paul Tasker