Alela Diane

Alela Diane

This week marks the 15th anniversary of this website. It’s pretty special and a bit mind-blowing to think about everything that has happened in that decade and a half. I might write something about that sometime soon, but for today, I would like to celebrate by doing what I know best: post a brand new session by one of my favourite songwriters on this planet. Three years after her first session, Alela Diane returned with covers of John Prine, and Daniel Johnston and played Of Loveone of my favourites from her most recent album Looking Glass.

“I’ve loved the music of Daniel Johnston ever since I first covered this song.”

Alela Diane has some history with Daniel Johnston’s True Love Will Find You In The End: “I covered this song for a side project ‘Headless Heroes’ back in 2008, and I’ve loved it, and the music of Daniel Johnston ever since. I’ve never really performed it live though, and it felt great to learn it again and play it for this session.”

“A song that can be felt in the bones.”

A few weeks after Alela Diane’s first session was published, John Prine died. An inspiration and influence to many songwriters, including Alela Diane. “What a loss, when John Prine passed a few years back. This is one of his most widely known songs, and I think it’s because it is THAT good. A song that can be felt in the bones, and a is a joy to sing.”



True Love Will Find You In The End (Daniel Johnston)
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Angel From Montgomery (John Prine)
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Alela Diane

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Filmed & edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Audio recorded & mixed by Matthijs van der Ven.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Mariee Siou
Remco Frijns

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