Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts

It’s taking me crazy long to edit all these wonderful sessions some of Glasgow’s finest musicians performed during our The Influences night at The Glad Cafe in November 2013. But I’m getting there. It truly was a special night. This is the second last session, by one of my favourite folk singers: Alasdair Roberts.

Roberts was the last musician to record a session on my first trip to Glasgow in March 2009, hours before I boarded the plane back home. Since then I’ve seen him play live in The Netherlands a couple of times, last February in Amsterdam on a double bill with Hiss Golden Messenger and earlier during the festivals Le Guess Who? and Fading Trails, both in my hometown Utrecht.

He is one of those musicians who’s very traditional and contemporary at the same time. His guitar play is stunning and not many can resist him singing in his own language. Turns out it works just as well when he covers songs by Leonard Cohen and Linda Thompson! Roberts also performed a brand new song called The Problem Of Freedom. While you’re enjoying this session, I’ll be working hard to edit the last session of that night, and to have the set by Three Blind Wolves up in about two weeks from now.

Make sure to visit our website again and again, because the last remaining session from our night at The Glad Cafe, by Three Blind Wolves, will appear over the coming weeks. You’ll find all the published sessions here.

The Influences at The Glad Cafe, Glasgow
All photos by Iona Macdonald.


One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong (Leonard Cohen)
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Love’s For Babies And Fools (Linda Thompson)
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