Simon Angell

Simon Angell

Halfway through the very first Onder Invloed Live night at UROCK CAFE in January, my friend Cat introduced me to this guy sitting at the bar. I remembered seeing him before, at EKKO during a Playlab night. It was Simon Angell, guitarist of Patrick Watson and Thus:Owls. A couple of laughs and a phone call on the day after later, a session was planned.

On the same day and in the same room as Marien Dorleijn recorded his session, Angell recorded three instrumental songs. Two covers of songs by John Zorn and Daft Punk – which is absolutely incredible – and one song he wrote himself, inspired by fellow guitarist Bill Frisell.

Angell, originally from Canada, now lives in Sweden; a completely different country. The change of atmosphere influenced his music as well as being on tour a lot with Patrick Watson. A tour consist mostly of travelling and waiting around for soundchecks, diners and shows. While waiting, Angell figured out a way to cover ‘Da Funk’ by Daft Punk on just a guitar and a lot of pedals. The fantastic result is shown underneath.

Shevet (John Zorn)

Da Funk (Daft Punk)

Baie Deception


Cat Tran
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