In May this year, Paulusma headlined the Onder Invloed night at Festival aan de Werf in Utrecht. I can’t describe how good this set was. Luckily I’ve got some amazing videos. Watch them and tell all your friends, that’s all I should have to say. And come to Hedon next Wednesday, where Paulusma will headline the show again.

Serenades For The Lonely (Daryll-Ann)

Cross Bones Style (Cat Power)

Catch U Later

Something In Return

See Paulusma play live at the upcoming Onder Invloed show at Hedon in Zwolle this Wednesday, the 19th of October.

Filmed by Ramses Singeling and Matthijs van der Ven
Edited by Leon Reyes and Matthijs van der Ven
Graded by Matthijs van der Ven
Audio mixed by Jelle Paulusma

Featured photo by Tom Roelofs.