Order your Onder Invloed t-shirt

Order your Onder Invloed t-shirt

There’s been some demand for Onder Invloed t-shirts over the past months. But, since I’m not the world’s best designer, I decided to ask someone else to make a design. No-one less than the talented musician and designer Davie Lawson agreed to design a t-shirt for Onder Invloed. So here it is, you can pre-order your own copy in this post.

Onder Invloed Shirt Davie Lawson

Since we at Onder Invloed don’t have a lot of money, we would very much like to know if and what size you would like to buy. You can pre-order now, by sending us an email or by ordering using PayPal. (click the button below) We are working hard and trying to get these t-shirts done before the live shows at EKKO and Hedon this month (17th and 25th), so you can come and pick ’em up there. Please place your order before Monday the 7th of March.

The t-shirts cost € 15,- each.
For postage within The Netherlands, an additional € 2,- will be added.

If you can’t make it to any of these shows, you can come and pick ’em up in Utrecht or have them sent to your address by paying a small postage fee.

If you’re ordering from outside The Netherlands, please send us an email. Extra postage fees will have to be charged.

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