Onder Invloed at Grasnapolsky festival

Onder Invloed at Grasnapolsky festival

Grasnapolsky, a brand new Dutch festival, asked Onder Invloed to become a partner for their first edition and to come and do something special. We’re always up for something special, so The Seventeenth Century guitarist Ryan Joseph Burns will fly over from Glasgow to Bunnik. Not only will he play his own songs and covers, he will also be joined on stage by multiple Dutch musicians.

Ryan Joseph Burns is not only guitarist in The Seventeenth Century, but also a very talented singer songwriter. Heavily influenced by the likes of Dylan, Ryan Adams and Bon Iver and blessed with a remarkable voice, Burns is a guarantee for intensity and a show that’ll leave you touched and impressed. You will remember Ryan Joseph Burns, no doubt. The festival at the 17th of December will Ryan’s only show in The Netherlands at this point.

At Grasnapolsky, Ryan will play four sets. One solo set, and three sets in which he’ll collaborate with wonderful Dutch musicians. He will play together with Novack, Joast (Onder Invloed session) and Goslink.

Grasnapolsky is a new festival in Bunnik, only minutes away from Utrecht. Located in a couple of unique old buildings, now used as a hotel, visitors will be able to have dinner, enjoy beautiful music,sleep over and have breakfast in these amazing surroundings. You’ll find all the information you need on the festival website, but make sure you book your tickets as soon as you can, because they are limited, especially if you want to sleep over as well.

As said, Onder Invloed will be there with our own stage, on which Ryan, Goslink, Novack and Joast will perform Ryan’s songs and several covers. And guess what? We’ll film it all. Hope to see you there.

Some videos to give you a little preview of Ryan Joseph Burns.

To Be Young (Ryan Adams)

Playing ‘Notes’ at Festival aan de Werf, Neude Utrecht, in May 2010 with The Seventeenth Century

Flume (Bon Iver)