Lucie Thorne

Lucie Thorne

In November, Smoked Recordings – record label of Davie Lawson, run by Dan Tuffy of Big Low – hosted a label night, featuring not only Lawson and Jeroen Kant, but also the Australian artist Lucie Thorne. I’d met Thorne once before at a radio show and knew she had some voice. So this time I took the opportunity for filming a session. A week after the label night in Haarlem, I drove to Wageningen and recorded Thorne at Tuffy’s studio.

Whatever Floats (Jesse Younan)

El Guero (Pieta Brown)

Borrow My Love (Kim Dellavedova)



Whatever Floats (Jesse Younan, A Good Day For Migraine, 2008)
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El Guero (Pieta Brown, Shimmer, 2009)
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Borrow My Love (Kim Dellavedova, City Keepers, 2009)
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