Jeroen Kant

Jeroen Kant

For the second time in the history of this website, I believe, there’s a session sung in Dutch. International readers, don’t go anywhere, I bet you can enjoy the session anyway. You’ll at least recognize the melody of the first song, which is a translation of the Ryan Adams song ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’. This session was recorded in the Spring of this year, on the same day I filmed Mathijs Leeuwis. They actually alternated after each song. Jeroen Kant released his second album ‘Goud Of Op Je Bek Gaan‘ in 2011, on Smoked Recordings.

Oh Mijn Liefste Noord Brabant / Oh My Sweet Carolina (Ryan Adams)

(Translated by Martijn Neggers)

Rode Wijn (Bram Vermeulen)

Elke Trein Wil Naar Parijs (Jan Savenberg / Herman van Veen)