Davie Lawson

Davie Lawson

On the first day of Onder Invloed at Into The Great Wide Open 2012, Davie Lawson performed a full set, as many covers as his own songs. Lawson, a Welshman now living in Dublin, learned some fresh covers for this newest appearance at an Onder Invloed show. Underneath you’ll find his own song ‘Annie Marathon’, a cover of Anna and Kate McGarrigle and a cover of the song commonly known as ‘Erie Canal’, that was written by Thomas S Allen in 1905 as ‘Low Bridge’ but has since been covered and renamed by many artists, including Bruce Springsteen.

Goin’ Back To Harlan (Anna & Kate McGarrigle)

Erie Canal (Thomas S. Allen)

Annie Marathon

Listen to his full set on Soundcloud.

More videos made during Into The Great Wide Open 2012 will appear in the coming weeks. Including Janne Schra, Anne Soldaat, Marike Jager and more from Ryan Joseph Burns and Davie Lawson.

Photos are on the Onder Invloed Facebook page.

Filmed by Mariska Berrevoets and Rachel Huneker.
Edited by Matthijs van der Ven.
Thanks to Joep Smeets, Stijn Schalkwijk, Maartje Jansma, Gijsbert Kamer and Into The Great Wide Open.