It’s one of the more difficult tasks in between eating three Christmas dinners in a row and having to answer for not going to any overexpensive party at New Year’s Eve; deciding which ten videos I consider to be among the best of Onder Invloed in 2011. I did it anyway, just like in 2009 and 2010. This list is in no way complete or without flaws. It isn’t ranked, it’s a list of ten highlights published this year.

A year in which I finished writing the first Onder Invloed book, booked Dutch tours for a couple of Scottish acts, released the Traditionals album in collaboration with In A Cabin With, organised shows at EKKO and Hedon and at festivals like Bevrijdingsfestival Overijssel, Festival aan de Werf and Into The Great Wide Open, filmed sessions with mostly international musicians, already did some interviews for a possible second book and drank less alcohol compared to the year before. I think.

The Seventeenth Century – Mailmen Session

Recorded at Mailmen Studios, Utrecht.

Traditionals album

This is Anne Soldaat – Days Of ’49. For all the Traditionals videos, click here.

Ryan Joseph Burns – Mailmen Sessions

Recorded at Mailmen Studios, Utrecht.

Case Mayfield – Burn (Ray LaMontagne)

Recorded in my old livingroom.

Woost – Army Of Me (Bjork)

Recorded live at Hedon, Zwolle.

Alamo Race Track – Breaking The Law (Judas Priest)

Recorded live at Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland.

Rue Royale – UFO

Recorded live at EKKO, Utrecht.

Paulusma – Cross Bones Style (Cat Power)

Recorded at Festival aan de Werf, Utrecht.

Rebecca Sier – Day Is Done (Nick Drake)

Recorded live at Into The Great Wide Open, Vlieland.

Bertolf – Six Minutes South (Woost)

Recorded in my livingroom.