Best of Onder Invloed in 2010

Best of Onder Invloed in 2010

I can’t do it. The idea was to make a Top 12, just like in 2009. I just can’t do it, I’m sorry. These thirteen videos all make me want to play them all day and all night long. To realise that for every artist in this overview, there are one or two more videos that could easily be in this, is killing me. It’s been a good year.

Onder Invloed best of

DAMIEN JURADO – My Eyes Are Dry (Keith Green)

Recorded in the dressing room of EKKO in Utrecht. Jurado recorded three songs in eleven minutes. Just to follow it up with a conversation that lasted almost two hours. That day made my year. ‘Saint Bartlett‘ is my number one album of 2010.

RYAN JOSEPH BURNS – Song For A Dancer (Featuring Novack)

Filmed at the Grasnapolsky festival this month. Burns just met Wubbo Siegers and Andreas Willemse of Novack that afternoon. To see their collaboration on this song result in this brilliant rendition is nothing but magical.

WOOST – Spirit Ditch (Sparklehorse)

This was the first session I recorded after a three months break due to medical reasons. Some time before the release of their album ‘Six Minutes South‘ and shortly after Mark Linkous’ suicide. Now here’s a tribute, if ever there was one.

THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY – Young Francis (Live at Festival aan de Werf)

After seeing them perform in a Glasgow basement, getting them over for the Onder Invloed night at Festival aan de Werf in May, turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. They’ll be back in Holland in March 2011.


It took a while to get this online. Don’t know why, it’s amazing. The last session I filmed in Glasgow in March 2009. I saw Roberts play at Le Guess Who in November. He was the highlight of the festival, alongside Tallest Man On Earth.

THREE BLIND WOLVES – Helpless (Neil Young)

Ross Clark was the first musician I filmed in Glasgow in March 2009. In May he came to The Netherlands and played an unplugged set at the infamous sold out Onder Invloed afterparty at UROCK Cafe. The crowd went wild. And rightfully so.

THE HORSE COMPANY – It’s All In My Mind (Teenage Fanclub)

Sticking with the ‘Glasgow’ theme for a little while. I saw Teenage Fanclub live for the first time at Tivoli in Utrecht last November and they were good. This cover by the Dutch band The Horse Company is one of my favourites from early 2010.

SAINT JUDE – Save Me (Aretha Franklin)

When the opportunity came to book Saint Jude at the Onder Invloed live show, I didn’t have to think twice. This is one hell of a band. Even with Adam Green on acoustic guitar and Lynne Jackaman with her amazing voice, they blew me away.

AWKWARD I – We Come From Far

It’s no secret I think Awkward I is brilliant. So I’m very happy he’ll play at the first Onder Invloed show at EKKO in January, just like I was when he agreed to play our night at Festival aan de Werf in May. Can’t wait to hear some new songs.

LORI LIEBERMAN – Killing Me Softly

‘Killing Me Softly’ is one of those songs I feel like I’ve known all my life. To get the chance to film Lieberman, who wrote the original lyrics as a poem, was a special experience. It’s beautiful, words are unnecessary.

DAVIE LAWSON – One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan)

I filmed this on an impulse while driving along the wonderful Loch Lomond. With Iona MacDonald of Doghouse Roses on second camera, this just felt good. Also watch the documentary ‘No Windows Without Walls‘ I made about Lawson.

NAT JENKINS – Out On The Weekend (Neil Young)

Nat Jenkins visited The Netherlands twice in six months, playing his energetic folky rock songs. I met him at Schiphol an hour before and enjoyed every minute of this session. Also watch and download an EP of his live show.

JOEY RYAN – Jolene (Ray LaMontagne)

I didn’t know Joey Ryan before Friendly Fire organised a showcase at UROCK Cafe. His session has grown to become something I can’t ignore for long, and neither should you. Looking forward to see LaMontagne in February.

A huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful musicians that dared to play in front of the Onder Invloed cameras in 2010, be it live or in a session. We leave this year feeling happy about the things we’ve done and excited for all things yet to come in 2011.

There will be live shows at EKKO (Utrecht) and Hedon (Zwolle), there will be new sessions with Dutch and international artists and there should be a book out as well. First up; the celebration of Onder Invloed’s 2,5 years anniversary during the complete month of January.

Please come back to on a regular basis in January. Thanks.